Media Center

The Media Center is the heart of our school. Students use the Media Center to check out books, use computers, and, of course, borrow books for the enjoyment of reading.  At Ivey Lane Elementary School Media Center our mission is to instill a love of reading in our students and to assist them in becoming effective users of information so that they may become independent, lifelong learners.
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Students can access the digital Media Center Site by going to their Canvas "Student Body" Page and clicking on Media Center.  Through there students may read books online....hundreds!

To pay for a lost or damaged book, click here...

To pay for a lost or damaged device charger, click here...

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OCPS Technology Handbook for Parents

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Device Care Video Links

K-1 iPad Care                2-5 Laptop Care

Checkout Policy

  • Pre-K and Kindergarten students may check out one book each week.
  • 1st - 5th grades`may check out two books each week.  Battle of the Books team members may check out one competition title in addition to their two other library books.  
  • If a student has two overdue books, they may not check out any further items until they have caught up with their responsibilities.
  • Reminder:  Students will be held responsible to take care of books or to pay for a replacement.  Fines stay on record and will keep an OCPS student from graduating high school if not concluded.  (per county policy)
  • All fines must be paid using School Pay with a debit/credit card (see link above or office for details).